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descriptive writing #2

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baiklah tulisan deskriptif yang ke2. haha tidak bisa berhenti. stoop stooooop kania. tulisan ini terinspirasi dari banyak hal, dari high fidelity, how i met your mother, taxi driver, sampai seno gumira

“… We are all sensitive people sugar...”
Marvin Gaye’s passionate soulful voice gives company on the lonely nights.
Glares of city lights are reflecting on the front mirror of the car looks like rivers of colors, just exactly like Martin Scorsese had drawn in his taxi driver movie.* No wonder most of the taxi driver can be considered wise because they usually contemplate a lot.
He’s a Muslim, you can pick it up from the tasbih hanging on the rearview mirror. No, wait, or a Chinese Muslim if you see his photo on his ID in the front. Well, It’s common in the end of 90s to leave a clue to the people that you’re a Muslim to avoid misjudging that could lead to unpleasant acts.
There’s a thick book peeking from the sun visor. Seems like a novel to you. He’s quite educated you think, not many people in Indonesia reads. Also the Jakarta Post, Kompas and Pos Kota behind the driver seat, says it all. He tells you it’s one of his services to the passenger.
A bare whiff of vomit from previous passenger gives him nausea. After says sorry politely and gets permission from you, he turns off the ac, opens the window, and lights his halfway cigarette from after dinner smoking time.
The digital clock below the ac window tells you it’s 2 am. Mom always said that there’s no good things happen after 2 am. But here you are in a backseat of taxi, having a very nice conversation about your problems, politics, society, and other popular issues with a very nice guy. It’s actually true that taxi driver is bartender on the road. Well, without the alcohol of course.

*from SGA seni dan air seni nya supir taksi


elsara on 9:34 PM  

Wah, hampir persis sama pengalaman gue nyol! Waktu itu gue jg pernah ngobrol panjang lebar sama pak supir taksi. Meskipun awalnya gue mulai percakapan utk menghindari hal yang tidak2. Maklum, hampir jam 2 malem (pagi?). Huhuhu.. but surprisingly, me and him had a very good late nite conversation. :)

Anonymous on 2:22 AM  

how are you?

Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it

Anonymous on 5:03 PM  

Besar, saya menemukan apa yang saya 'lookin telah berlangsung selama.