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descriptive writing #1

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dibawah adalah tugas menulis deskriptif yang sangat saya benci. jujur saja, saya tidak begitu suka membaca sesuatu yang sangat detail mendeskripsikan sesuatu. membuat imajinasi saya 'terkungkung' dalam tulisan itu. hehe, mungkin terlalu berlebihan. mungkin saya hanya malas. tapi pada akhirnya tugas ini selesai juga karena sebenarnya detail ruangan yang dideskripsikan dibawah adalah studio impian saya. walau tokoh 'she' disini sama sekali bukan saya.

There is a very significant imaginary gap between the house where she and her parents live in and the attic where she’s actually nesting. It is a typical contemporary family home with the cold, modern and minimalistic style. Just like the people in it.
While just by going upstairs carried by an indistinct sound of rock music, we are actually escaping a depressing and impersonal place to another different dimension. It’s a place where you would feel so vibrant and also a distinctive form of tranquility.
Just after you open the door and smell a bare whiff of nicotine as a result of combination from bad air circulation and of course the lack of health risk awareness, the first thing that would caught your attention beside of the loud noise from Joe Strummers’ strumming skills is the cluttered corner that she always calls as ‘the body’ section of the room.
Yes, she always told her friends that the attic is parted in three sections, just like human: the head, the heart, and the body.
‘The head’ is where she gets all the inspiration from her reference books, movies, music, and the Internet. Surprisingly, the books, the DVDs, and the CDs are arranged neatly and in order. Even the CDs are organized autobiographically. That means if she’s looking for Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dreams CD, she has to trace back her memory to 1993 when her ex gave it as breakup compensation.*
‘The heart’ is where she’s processing all of the information she gets from ‘the head’, so it would someday turn into an idea or maybe if she’s lucky, a work of art. Most of the times, her friends are having some deep discussions or just hang out in this corner. It’s where you can find a coffee table, an old shabby beanbag, and a brilliant multifunction piece of furniture called sofa bed, facing the TV and the ant farm next to it.
Behind the TV as its background, there is a big handcrafted Ganesh tapestry that she got from her backpacking to India. She thinks it Gives a very whimsical semiotic feels, while Ganesh is believed as the deva of intellect and wisdom, and yet TV just kills most of your brain cells.
‘The body’ is where she does all of her works. Parted in two sections by a waist-high cabinet full of art supplies from oil to watercolor paint, brushes, varnishes, etc: wet and dry. ‘Dry’ is where she does her drawing, supported with a drawing table and a light box to trace photos, that area is restricted from all liquid things. Even coffee. On the ‘wet’ section across the drawing table you can see an easel and a very big sink next to it. The sink was forcedly made to fit in the room just for cleaning all the art supplies after she’s done doing her painting.
All of those three parts are knitted together by a bunch of previous artworks hung on the wall. They unintentionally decorated the attic just in an inspiring eclectic way. Each things, each objects in the attic, is telling a story about her.
Indeed, her art studio is a self-portrait.

*high fidelity